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Before he founded Rip-Tie, CEO Michael Paul Fennell was the manager of a film and broadcast video equipment rental facility that catered to Hollywood’s film and television professionals. In that job, Michael wanted his equipment to be the most professionally prepared for this intense, fast paced industry. Frustrated with messy cables and annoying plastic ties, and unable to find any useful options on the market, Fennell set out to solve the problem on his own and came up with the first cable organizer using VELCRO® brand hook and loop fasteners – The Original Rip-Tie Cable Wrap. He wanted something that was reusable, quick, strong, neat, and wouldn’t get lost. He worked on perfecting his invention, testing it on rental equipment and with his colleagues, until he knew he had it right. Little did he know that this handy device would become so popular.

Rip-Tie Products

We design, manufacture and distribute hook and loop reusable cable management products for virtually every function and market. Whether you need products built to withstand outdoor conditions or for use in ceilings or subflooring; suitable for sensitive data cables and fiber optics or strong enough to harness heavy cables; perfect for corralling personal electronics or strapping power tools, Rip-Tie has you covered. All Rip-Tie products are made in the USA – at our San Leandro, California facility. Most are available in the ten EIA color code, and we have the ability to customize and adapt products to meet specific needs.

Rip-Tie Standards

Quality products, fairly priced, and prompt, courteous service are the Rip-Tie standards. With rare exceptions, we ship within 24 hours from receipt of the purchase order. Our goal: 100% customer satisfaction.