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1-1/2 Inch CableCarrier-LG (straps only)

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The CableCarrier is a sturdy woven strap attached to a lightweight metal carabiner with a locking mechanism. Easily hold wires, cords or ropes in place. Attach it to a belt for hands-free carrying or use it as a hanger during cable runs. It comes with our 4.5″ Carabiner.

1 packs and 5 Packs are available on this site. To purchase 10 packs and packs of 50, please contact our authorized distributors through our map or list.

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The CableCarrier is a sturdy woven strap attached to a lightweight metal carabiner with a locking mechanism. Easily hold wires, cords or ropes in place. Attach it to a belt for hands-free carrying or use it as a hanger during cable runs.

product codeproduct sizemaximum bundle size
LG-09-G1.5″ x 9″2.0″
LG-12-G1.5″ x 12″3.0″
LG-12-G1.5″ x 12″3.0″

find the size that’s right for you


1. First determine the diameter of your maximum cable bundle size
2. The maximum cable bundle size will define the length of your CableWrap
3. Find the appropriate product code on the chart above

NOTICE: This product is sold for use only for wrapping cable bundles. See directions for proper use. Do not use as a safety strap or in load carrying applications.

Additional information


9" length, 12" length, 16" length

Number of Units

1 Pack, 4 Pack

Quantities of 10 packs and packs of 50 are available though our authorized distributors.

All prices listed are in U.S. dollars.

product codeproduct size1 Pack4 Pack10 Pack50 Pack
LG-091.5″ x 9″12.0032.0064.25292.00
LG-121.5″ x 12″14.1036.2572.80328.00
LG-161.5″ x 16″15.1040.6081.20364.00


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Product Catalog Numbers

1-1/2" x 9" Rip-Tie CableCarrier-LG 1 Pack (strap only)

  • LG-09-G1P-BK
  • LG-09-G1P-BN
  • LG-09-G1P-BU
  • LG-09-G1P-GN
  • LG-09-G1P-GY
  • LG-09-G1P-O
  • LG-09-G1P-RD
  • LG-09-G1P-V
  • LG-09-G1P-W
  • LG-09-G1P-Y

1-1/2" x 12" Rip-Tie CableCarrier-LG 1 Pack (strap only)

  • LG-12-G1P-BK
  • LG-12-G1P-BN
  • LG-12-G1P-BU
  • LG-12-G1P-GN
  • LG-12-G1P-GY
  • LG-12-G1P-O
  • LG-12-G1P-RD
  • LG-12-G1P-V
  • LG-12-G1P-W
  • LG-12-G1P-Y

1-1/2" x 16" Rip-Tie CableCarrier-LG 1 Pack (strap only)

  • LG-16-G1P-BK
  • LG-16-G1P-BN
  • LG-16-G1P-BU
  • LG-16-G1P-GN
  • LG-16-G1P-GY
  • LG-16-G1P-O
  • LG-16-G1P-RD
  • LG-16-G1P-V
  • LG-16-G1P-W
  • LG-16-G1P-Y

1-1/2" x 9" Rip-Tie CableCarrier-LG 4 Pack (strap only)

  • LG-09-G04-BK
  • LG-09-G04-BN
  • LG-09-G04-BU
  • LG-09-G04-GN